What we do

Core Products & Services

Laser Sheet and Plate Cutting
Maximum productivity across the entire parts spectrum. Excellent part quality in all sheet thicknesses.  High speed, cost-effective cutting through thick and thin.  With power up to 8000 Watts this solid-state fiber laser even cuts stainless steel up to 1.5 inches thick. Designed for maximum capacity utilization, the machine can reach axis speeds of 11, 811 in/min.
Laser Tube Cutting

The TruLaser Tube 7000 offers you virtually unlimited performance and capabilities.  It quickly, cleanly and precisely cuts a vast range of tube types and profiles.


Our capabilities include Robotic Plasma Cutting, Robotic Drill & Mill & Robotic Welding. >>Learn More

Automotive Material Handling

We manufacture and supply the automotive industry with high quality racks for automotive parts.

Some of Our Work

Laser Sheet and Plate Cutting

  • High-quality results in thick sheet metal due to the BrightLine fiber option and CoolLine
  • Precise contour cutting due to stable machine concept
  • Outstanding plunge-cutting results with minimal piercing times

Thanks to the BrightLine fiber option you achieve high part quality not only when processing thin sheets but also when processing thick sheets.

Laser Tube Cutting Service

TruLaser Tube 7000

Products incorporating metal tubes are so commonplace that we almost take them for granted. Designers of such products are increasingly turning to laser cutting technology for the additional advantages it offers. With the ability to create quality bevel cuts up to 45 degrees, the range of parts is expanded not only in mild steel but for many applications in stainless steel and aluminum:
  • Furniture
  • Retail store fittings
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Fitness equipment
  • Machine and device construction
  • And many more custom applications